New Old Domain Name!

Ah - welcome back my own domain name.

The last used this exact domain was in 2009, and I had been using it since 2005. That domain name witnessed my angsty teenage years, and after that in 2010 as I welcomed a new "phase" of life I moved on to to document my walkings. SalWalks contained a lot of insights about where I was in life, but with the accessibility of Facebook I began neglecting it and posting there instead. However from my observations and renewed understandings about life, and after much thought, I'm ready to use again.

I'm here to share what I've embraced in life. The people I meet, the opportunities I will accept, the magic I've been waiting for. In 2015 I bought a planner for the year 2016, but I kept it under my laptop unused - I actually felt I was busiest this year compared to any other years. So in 2017 I'm not going to buy a planner. They say if you fail you plan, you plan to fail,...but I'd rather go with where my heart wants to lead me instead of being focused on one.

Yes, I do have plans, plans that I have thought-about, but they are not concrete and I am open enough to be flexible with them should anything happens.

I hope to categorise my blog posts into:

- Book Discussion
- Gardening (I want to encourage you to grow your own food too!)
- Spirituality Topics
- Family & Friends & Animals
- Bus Stop Wisdoms (aka Human Library)
- Ask Fifi Anything
- Perplexing Poetry (things I need to publish but I don't want to be too obvious about what it's about)
- Personal Updates

This post shall fall under Personal Updates. I'm thankful a couple of people have come up to me to tell me they benefit from my posts and while my goal is never to reach out to the masses, I want to be able to keep writing to allow you readers to believe that we all can be the best versions of ourselves. Everyday we can strive to change for the better and I hope my writings will help you with that.

Above all, be yourself.

Let's keep in touch 🙂

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