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Update 13/2/2017: IG Stories Views is now back in chronology.

Do I need an introduction to tell you what Instagram Stories is? I bet you not. Pretty sure every millennial knows what it is. Or if you’re not a millennial but you’re reading this, I applaud you for somehow finding this blog to read, and for you I will summarise what IG Stories is.

It’s Instagram’s version of Snapchat. Snapchat is where people take videos or pictures of themselves or their surroundings for a few seconds and then upload it. Other people can view and reply. Oh what made Snapchat popular was the filters; you could swap faces with someone else or they can auto-goggly-eye you and put a flower tiara on your head. Or you can become a dog and a tongue comes out everytime you smile. I’ve watched Beauty Gurus wear the flower filter when they’re on their #nomakeup mode.

Instagram lacks that face-filter, though. But I am glad. Not into trendy things like that. Instagram is a bit cleaner and more user-friendly, I feel. Wasn’t a fan of it when it first came out, but I told myself I needed to understand it and ever since I had been hooked. I found out Indonesians call IG Stories SnapGram. Weird because they’re separate companies, but okay, whatever floats their boats.

Here are some things I’ve found on Instagram Stories, based on my own observations:
1.VIEW COUNT: if your view count on the second/middle last story is 10% of your total followers, you’re good. Never look at the first and the last number. Be concerned if your crush views your first but not your second (maybe he’s not interested in you). Instagram has this option for swiping right and they count as one view for you. When they swipe right totally, they move on to the next user on their carousel. Your avatar won’t appear glowing anymore. Swipe right is different from tap right. Tap right means next. The next story gets a view on a tap. It doesn’t from a swipe. If they click on their “back” button, your name will glow the next time they go back on Instagram.

If they click on swipe right, then the next time you upload will be counted as a new view for them. Meaning they will miss out on the middles but they will see what’s first for them. From there you can track where the engagement stops.

2. VIEW ORDER: the first person on your list is the one who cares about you the most. Well, um, the other word for it is “stalk”, but I’d rather say he or she cares about me 😉 Which means your name will appear glowing on his or her carousel at the top even when the person’s other followings have uploaded later. Or if you found that someone’s avatar is at the top of your feed no matter how long it had taken (or how long you’ve resist the temptation from clicking it), chances are your name will be at the top of the person’s list as well.

So that’s that. What makes an Instagram Stories interesting? How do you get people hooked on to you?

My first answer would be Personal Brand. If someone is a big fan of you and your face or something, he or she will definitely watch all of your stories. Good job if you’re someone likeable! I won’t say that I am.

My second answer would be The Art of Storytelling. It’s called Instagram STORIES, obviously. Not Instagram-Boomerang-My-Dance or Instagram-Show-You-Food-After-Food-After-Food. I’m someone with very limited, short attention span that I just cannot see the point of you sharing the sea with me. Or your lots of food which makes me jealous. It’s pixellated, loud, and is an uncomfortable experience for me from the viewer’s end.

Kay, fine,  maybe you want to share the beauty of the Pacific Ocean with me. But you gotta be specific if you want to.

You’ve definitely heard of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but I know even you’ve judged a person based on his outer appearances. Don’t lie to me. It’s just how the human minds work that within the first seven seconds (I’m making numbers up) you didn’t get his or her attention, they’re gone.

Your FIRST Story needs to catch my attention. I wish people would stop just showing me that you’re walking at a mall. Make a story out of it. Make that INTERESTING. Most people don’t have the sound up either, so if you can, don’t talk unless a caption follows. People can absorb information better from what they see rather than what they hear.

How to make that walk at the mall look interesting? Maybe add an INTERESTING caption: “Gonna check out hot dudes” so people are going to look forward to your next feed to see if you did find any hot dude. If your caption was “Just walking at the mall“, chances are I’m just going to swipe right you because I know what people do at the mall; I go to the mall literally every day.

Food, food is good. But don’t do it often. I don’t encourage gluttony. I encourage eating less. Eat to live and not live to eat.

Babies are cute too if you’ve managed to spice things up with a personality to that baby (from that FIRST story). Add a caption explaining what that baby is doing or something. If you’re going to post three posts of you cooing the baby with nothing to it, I’m swiping right.

Museums are cool if you show me something I want to see. That time a friend posted about an Australian prison. I think in her first post she mentioned that it was a prison she was visiting. As a museum enthusiast I looked forward to seeing what’s next.

Two stories is enough for one setting. Which means two stories of the same prison room, then you’re done. Move on to something else. Or if the first story you could show the prison bed. And the next one you zoom into the rust of the bed frame, and the next one (if you still want to be in the prison room) you change to you sleeping on it (not allowed, I know). Or you draw a stickman on the bed. Give me a variety.

A few days ago an old friend posted a story about his encounter with a cockroach. I went through it all even though it’s all about one cockroach. He went on different angles, used the marker tools to help us understand. It was like watching a story. I loved it.

It’s like an elevator pitch, you know. An elevator pitch is where you have only 10 seconds to tell a stranger something about yourself to impress. This is a skill in real-life you bring onto Instagram Stories too. We love Instagram Stories. It’s raw. It gives your audience a chance to sneak into your otherwise perfect-filtered-posed lives. Which is why sometimes it’s boring too.

You can make your life seem fun by adding some elements to it yourself. If not you’re going to keep watching other people and wish you were the same. The rules doesn’t necessarily have to apply to Instagram Stories. Make it about your life. A monologue, a soliloquy, where you talk to yourself in your head. I don’t have friends, that’s why I do that.

Oh wait…

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