Enough Of This Prostitution

Today I left the house feeling nothing unusual. I was a bit aware that I hadn’t been myself, but I didn’t think much of it. My appetite’s been lesser too. I used to feel hungry all the time but I’ve been okay on 1.5 meals per day these days. Don’t know why.

Power Cat (a Malaysian brand cat food; it’s okay) is out of stock everywhere but one place in JB. I didn’t really want to go there because it’s a luxury cattery, but there was no choice since Carpet vomited out his new cat food. This luxury cattery which I won’t name sells purebred cats and the items are pricier than normal. I never stopped to “admire” the kitties in the cage, the same I wouldn’t enter a zoo. I happen to have a membership card not out of loyalty but from previous purchase when Power Cat was out too.

A man walked out into the store from the back door as I was looking at cat potty. Our eyes met and we talked. He was the owner. They have three branches and a fourth one, “bigger than this”, is opening soon. He asked me how many cats I have. “Eleven,” I responded. “Your wet food cost goes in the thousands of ringgit per month?” “We buy raw fish for them,” I answered, not answering the question.

“All of them.”

He then paused for a second, and then pointed at the glass case.

“If you had one million and you did this, within six years you could get three million.”

I knew what he was talking about.

“Oh no no no. No.”

“If you don’t want the money you could donate it to charity. Use the two million you get, if you don’t want to use it. Build orphanage. Help other people. You hear these surahs I play in the store,” we both paused to listen to the background music. Yes, I know. We were greeted by Quran reading over the speaker when we entered. “In one of the surahs it asks us to help the orphans.”

He may try to justify what he does with Quran words, but nope, I still don’t believe him. I’m not naive or new to Islam. Not the kind of person who’d go “omggg you’re using Quran you must be superior.” Nope.

“I think it’ll be better if we helped the ones outside,” I said.
“No! That’s not my job! It’s the government’s job!”

He mentioned the G word. I’m politically apathetic. I just cannot be bothered to invest my time in politics. I probably should and will, but not when the scene is currently not very clean.

“Would the government even listen?”
“So you make noise! You make noise!”

The owner of this luxury cattery went on a rant about how it’s the government’s job to take care of animals on the streets, that people like me who rescue cats are just wasting our time. “I won’t do it,” he said. “I will give people money to do it, but for me to do it personally, I won’t. People tell me about these things, but I say, when does it end!

Did you know that in the West, if A has a cat and B complained about A’s cat being ridden with fleas, A could get handcuffed and sent to jail for animal abuse? If we did it here, the government doesn’t care!”

If you’re not verse in the kitty-cat scene, what I think he’s saying is we shouldn’t rescue stray cats because it’s the government’s job to do it. He can give people like me money to support me, but he feels it’s a waste of time because the cycle never ends.

I brought up how a progressive country is marked by its welfare to animals and I wanted to bring up how Singapore’s stray cats are mostly neutered, but I didn’t.

“Still, if you look at the poor condition of stray cats, surely you’d want to help them?”
It’s not my job! It’s also the fault of us Malay people. Mom wants to neuter. Child says don’t mom let’s have a few kittens. Then they can’t stand it, they abandon them. Then people like you rescue them.”

I wanted to argue some more, but out of respect for being in his store, I changed the topic.

This is my whole stance on this:

I do not believe in the sale/purchase of cats.

I don’t like to use religion to justify my views, but for the sake of this argument, I will.

1) The Prophet strictly prohibited the sale of cats and dogs. This is a hadith. Some people may argue about its authenticity, which is why I prefer to use my moral standing to argue. I hold on to my moral standing so while you argue about who’s right or wrong, I know I’m right. I will explain this later.
2) A woman was sent to hellfire for locking a cat up in a cage, not giving it food/drink/allowing it to hunt for itself.
3) A prostitute was sent to heaven for giving water to a thirsty dog.

With regards to 2) and 3), they are stories about compassion and the lack of it. If you’ve known me since SalWalks days you’ll know I think to be encouraged by the possibility of jannah or the hindrance of jahannam when doing certain things is childlike-thinking, but I’ve grown to understand it is fine as at least it gives people some hope about a life in the afterlife. Like children, we want to be rewarded for doing things and we don’t want to go to the naughty corner so we don’t do some things. I don’t deny it exists, but I just think that this thinking is childish. To help someone just because you want to enter paradise sounds stupid. Help because you want to help. Not because you know something is in for you.

Anyway. Here’s my point-of-view, one I strongly stand with, about 1)

Imagine you have a pair of purebred Mainecoons, male and female. Sure, you let them stay in air-cond in our humidity which is the optimum temperature for their luxurious coat. You feed them well, bathe them, pamper them, et cetera,…but for one year you could profit AT LEAST $20 000 from their relationship as kitty husband and wife.

How? By selling their beautiful purebred kitties. People somehow are willing to offer a high price for them. Why? Because to them it’s also an investment. By buying the purebred kitties, they will in turn give birth to more purebred kitties, which will generate income for you,…and the cycle goes on.

To me, this is the same as prostituting cats. You are only taking care of the cats because you know they are a high-return investment for you. I have been sensitive about the word “cat lover”, because to me, as long as you make your cat some kitty-making factory, you are not loving her. You are in fact using her.

We frown upon human/child trafficking but we think doing so to cats is okay?

If you really wanted a cat, what’s wrong with picking up one of the cats from the streets? Do they not deserve to be loved? Is the purity of your love towards something dependent on its appearance? If it is, and if I were you, I would be ashamed of my own thoughts.

I’ve taken care of over 50 cats in my lifetime and I’ve seen how distressed cats get over miscarriage, how sad they are when their babies are missing. How such wonderful and caring mothers they make, better than human mothers, perhaps. My cat Oren G waited for me to be back home at 5 PM before she gave birth. A cat my brother picked up from the drain curled up at my leg to give birth. They need to be treated like your own family, one where to profit from would be wrong.

I see cats as non-human persons. Now I want you to imagine me, being my beautiful self of “so much mix”, be married with David Archuleta. We’d produce gorgeous offspring. Now you send us in a room and you make sure I’m able to give birth, under the umbrella/pretense of “good happy environment” and then you sell my babies. Can you imagine it? Fine if you can’t imagine me and David, imagine your friend and other friend.

Just to give you an example of how profitable this business is:

A mother cat can get pregnant for up to FOUR times a year. She could start feeling like dancing in the club with boys again when her current babies are 2.5 months. A female kitten can get to know boys and have them feels from as young as four months old.

And in each pregnancy the number of babies is at least 2 from the first pregnancy, and at least 3/4 average in the next pregnancies.

If each baby could be sold from a “high quality” “certified” breeder at RM10000, or a backyard breeder for RM 800, imagine how fricking rich you can be. THIS IS LIKE CAT PROSTITUTION.

That’s why you NEUTER YOUR PETS.

Someone consulted me before getting a pet. I don’t know what the consultation was for anyway because whatever I said went in one ear and out the other. I said don’t buy. Then it turned out she did. I shook my head. She bought two at RM800 each. They were tiny kittens that still needed mommy’s milk. One of them was bone-thin but underneath all that luxurious fur people are crazy about, it went unnoticed. I noticed it when I first picked it up and sent an alarm, but of course nobody wants to admit that they’re taking care of their pets poorly. The baby died the next day.

When the other cat grew up I advised her to send the kitty for neutering. “But she wants to mate too, I’m going to give her a chance, let her mate at least once in her lifetime.” Female cats in heat send out some hormones and male Toms can detect this hormone from miles away. They’d come meowing at your door to mate with your female cat and your female cat gets excited and stressed she’s not able to meet her lover. Yes. Cats have preference over who they want to mate too. They go through a period of courtship too. They don’t immediately have sex without knowing each other. The female cat won’t allow it. Rape/forced penetration happens, but it’s not so easy. “SHE’S NOT MISSING OUT ON ANYTHING IF SHE DOES NOT MATE,” I said, and listed out the benefits of getting a cat spayed:

a) no sexual urges = healthier
b) cats can get Feline HIV, so no risk at all
c) cats that are spayed send their nafsu/sexual urges to food = fatter
d) doesn’t care about choosing boyfriends = calmer, more cool


She went to the vet for advice. Turned out the vet was one of those crooks who also sold pets in his vet clinic. I think it’s unethical to do so. Out of three vets I’ve gone to, only he sells pets. I’ve talked to random fellow cat owners and we all seem to agree that there’s something off about this vet too. The vet put out his handsomest male Tom on loan to my friend, in return, “give me one of her babies okay!”

So that’s what happened. My friend put two stranger felines in the cage. They fought of course. Who dafuq is this stranger I’m supposed to share the same bed with? I imagine the female kitty yelling. I suppose the male Tom probably went “I’ve done this a lot LET’S JUST GET THIS OVER WITH.” She got pregnant. I think one of the babies died because my friend didn’t know what to do. Cats indoors are stupider than outdoor cats. Exposure, maybe. Maybe they go around and talk about child birthing tips. Who knows.

She then picked up a female kitten from the pasar her children begged her to “save”. This female kitten’s mom probably went around looking for her when she discovered her child missing. Didn’t neuter her either. In the end, in just 1.5 years, she ended up with twenty cats. She had work committal issues and had to be relocated, so guess what happened to the cats? They had to be left. Or abandoned. Or something. She stopped putting me in the loop. After all, all I did was nag.

It’s my duty as a catlady, a voice to my voiceless feline friends,

  1. If you want a cat, ADOPT. Don’t shop. 
  2. After you adopt, get it neutered immediately. You seriously, seriously, seriously (I’m doing a Donald Trump on this) do not want to deal with many kittens. You’ll think you can do it. You’ll think you can handle it. And I’m telling you it’s selfish thinking you can, because I bet you cannot.
  3. Vaccine, if you have the money to. Otherwise outdoor cats are pretty hardy. Unless an outside bully cat carrying a disease scratches your pet, then be careful.
  4. Note its allergies.
  5. Learn about feline cancer signs, how cats behave, what they do when they’re sick. They are masters at masking pain. But for me because I understand each of my animals, I am usually almost able to detect when they’re not feeling well.

And it’s an insult to me to call yourself a cat lover if you can’t/won’t pick up their poop, clean their mess after them, endure the scratches when you bathe them, feel sad that you have to hold them down to feed them medication, etc. It’s time you redefine love. It’s time we redefine love. Love is something unselfish that you do because you want to do it. Love is not defined by mere kissing, cuddling, and playing. Don’t call yourself a cat lover. You just like the idea of them.


Moving on, here’s something interesting I discovered about male cats and female owners. I neutered arwah Pippi at a young age before he developed any sexual desires, so he grew up knowing nothing about mating nor did he have any sexual thirst towards anybody. He died from feline leukemia in spite of the vaccines because it’s a virus that passed down from his mother, who probably got it from his mother who was a street cat.

Carpet, on the other hand, my Persian cat I found (yes, I found him. You guys spend RM2000 on Persian cats but he just appeared at my doorstep), has sexual aggression issues from the first night I picked him up. I waited for five days for anybody to come to me to ask if I’ve seen their cat, but when there wasn’t any, I sent Carpet to be shaved and neutered. His hair was thick and tangled. I don’t believe that long-haired cats should live in our climate, but hey the Divine sent me one to experience what it’s like. Underneath all the hair was reddish, mange skin. It was sad (now he gets a pricey haircut four times a year. More than I d0).

He was neutered at the height of his sexual thirst and people at the vet (it was that crook vet) were like “You should’ve lent your cat to me! My female cat is in heat!” I said no. Persian cats are genetically modified cats. They have genetic issues with their kidneys and have difficulty breathing from their shorter noses. It’s not right to make more genetically cacat cats. Lots of hospital bills. Don’t even get me started.

So what happened was he stopped having sexual desires, but when one of his friends was in heat, he actually humped her. I thought that was fine because there was no way he could get her pregnant anyway. Like a placebo Tom. A female in heat needs to be penetrated to be satisfied. That’s fine. I think he’s acting that way not because of leftover testosterone, but more like memories.

THEN. I noticed he started responding to my ovulation. Sometimes I feel, as an unmarried woman, I should be more modest about my reproduction cycle, but take this more of science and knowledge than it is about me. I have a period tracker app where it tells me when I’m ovulating/expecting menstruation and when I was ovulating (if I was a cat I would be in heat), Carpet came up to me the way he went to his friend.

First I was sitting down on the floor. He was on the chair. He bit my neck and tried to mate with me. Gross. My sister and I laughed at this absurdity.

The next times he did it I made sure to distract him with toys or something to get his mind off the mate he did not get 12 months ago. It’s as if he had forgotten about me. Then recently, like two days ago, he started humping on a jacket I had worn. I looked at my period calendar and true enough, I was entering ovulation. I looked online and it turned out I’m not the only one. Female dog owners have reported the same thing.

I know ovulating women appear more attractive to men with their faces being more symmetrical and some invisible chemical changes happen that a man could boost his confidence by just standing next to a woman ovulating, but …..to say that it applies to cats too? INTER-SPECIES?

That’s damn cool.

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