“Aren’t you tired?”

It was 9 am, I just entered the house from my morning chores outside which began at 7 am. I was carrying my high-maintenance Persian cat in to the grooming station. I blinked and my usually quick steps slowed down for a second when my mother asked me that question.

“No,” I replied confidently, but as a matter of fact, I was doubting myself.

I looked back at how in my family everyone relied on me on everything. And I didn’t mind even though I had my things to do too. I only trusted myself, anyway. My mother knows that she could ask me to take her from points A to B to C to D to Z and I wouldn’t complain. And I wouldn’t. I have work to do, but it’s okay, I will put my family a priority. My father would complain about traffic jam. My brother would groan. I don’t want my mom to do things on her own. So okay, I’ll do it. It’s my duty.

They’ve relied on me so much that when I had something to do in another state the other day, my mom asked, “Then who’s taking me¬†grocery shopping?” To which I replied, “Um, you have a son who lives in this house too, you know?” “Oh, sorry,” my mom apologised, realising that I’m not the only one she could rely on……to which I found out she actually waited for me to be back because she didn’t want to go with my brother. All right then.

So it’s my duty. I believe there are many ways to give back to your parents and this is my way.

Goes back to me carrying my cat to groom him. In the morning I would have already cleaned/washed outside. If I had a menu in mind I would have prepared breakfast and done the laundry as well. I’m just not someone who stops until I’ve done it all. When I say I’m lazy it means “I’m tired”. I will nap for a while before getting up to do more things. No such thing as doing literally nothing all day for me.

“I’m not tired,” I reassured myself. I bend down and my back starts to hurt. All of a sudden the joint bone in my right knee feels like it’s cracked. OUCH. I haven’t touched my computer in a while. I haven’t even spoken to friends in a long time. I haven’t even written anything!!! I don’t have stories in my head. I don’t really care about myself anymore. It’s like stepping out of the box and seeing the bigger picture. Wow! I am tired and I didn’t realise it! It really does take someone to point things out to you for you to realise it, huh?

And this is just me trying to be a dutiful daughter, a responsible pet owner to 2 cats, 2 chickens, and 3 ducklings, someone with end goals, …and I forgot to care for my physical health. I treat my mental health by eating out and buying books. I eat out every other day and buy a book each time I enter the bookstore. And sometimes I sit on some machine that’s supposed to ache my backaches.

But I can’t complain. I have decided to give poultry and fowls a try for a year or two, at least. I can’t complain.

Salute to the women who wear many more hats. Because we actually have a lot on our shoulders. I’ve never seen it from this angle until I realised my brother works hard for his goals, my father works to pay the bills, while everything else is done by us women of the house. Like something I heard sometime ago, men have drawers that opens only one at a time. It’s when I ask them to cook maggi they’d only be able to cook maggi. If you asked me to cook maggi I would probably look for dry noodles and chop garlic and onions and soak the sawi and slice chicken and at the same time wash the dishes while mopping the kitchen floor and then check on the laundry at the same time wipe the kitchen cabinets. Women are made to me multitaskers and guess that’s why we talk so much, we’re tired!!!

Okay ha ha ha I have work I need to complete. Pay is miserly but one of my motto in life is “Experience is My Currency” and “Help Others”.

Happy Women’s Day, a few days late because you know, busy.

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