Hijab Brand Name Fever

BRAND NAMES, do I really need them?

I filmed this video over two weeks ago when the Naelofar new Yasmine Bawal came out and I immediately jumped to purchase two from her on the day of release itself. Hijab brand name fever, I think that’s what I have.

Most of the colours on the site were already sold out. They were released at 10 AM. I went to the site at 11.30 AM. Thinking they were never going to be restocked again (what an idiot), I bought whatever’s that’s left. That night Neelofa herself announced that they were going to restock the colours. I facepalmed and emuailed to ask if I could change my colour choices, to which they replied that they’ve already made the delivery. OH WELL.

Then I went to the mall and found the SAUDIA tudungs that’s RM10. They’re the “hot” things now. Originally from Indonesia so of course my sister has them too. I bought it to see if there’s a difference with my Naelofar Yasmine bawal. Then I saw pucci tudungs, another “hot” thang, told myself to not be so stuck up and chose one for myself too (RM8). After that I went upstairs to a Naelofar Hijab store to check out the new Yasmine bawals (I hadn’t received in the mail by then) and got more inners (RM10 each).

What even is pucci? I have no idea. It’s some abstract design tudung. To be honest I don’t like pucci. To me they look very kampung and cheap. At Puteri Harbour last year pucci wasn’t in yet and the vendor girls sold a pucci to me at RM40. Later I found out they’re sold everywhere for only RM8. See, now that I know how much they’re actually worth, they look kampung to me and I refuse to wear them. Some mental illness I have. A flaw about myself that I need to change. I wore them only once, then saw they’re all over the malls, and said ew no. (I’d wear it as a kampung girl joke for one hour max)

So when I got a new pucci for myself I was trying to tell myself DON’T BE SO STUCK UP YOU’RE NOT THAT SPESHUL.

I haven’t worn it though. What happened was I went to Ariani and got two new shawls worth RM119 each because now I just can’t imagine me wearing the RM8 pucci tudung. So fail. The plain RM5 was my first step to saying it’s okay to wear unbranded items. It’s okay!!! It’s okay!! It’s okay!!!!!!!

No, it’s not that I’m super rich or anything like that. My mom is someone who looks at what I wear and tells me straight to my face if the material looks cheap, as if wearing cheap things is a bad thing, so in some way I’ve become conscious of that. I’m not even going to start following TUDUNGPEOPLE or everybody else. I might go crazy.

My RM85 Shawlbyvsnow Premium Square was meh. Meh as in I don’t have much to say about it. It’s wide which is good, comfortable too, and its sides are (according to mom) premium trimmed edges. But I wouldn’t buy another piece because I don’t think it’s worth RM85.

I wore the RM53 Naelofar Yasmine and thought “Meh,” I shrugged, “No difference with my RM5 tudung.” Please, I was really really trying to train myself! The next day I wore my RM5 tudung and my gosh the difference in texture and feels around the neck haunted me. Like a recurring nightmare or seeing the guy you like but he says he wants to say neither yes nor no to you with someone else kind of feeling. Yasmine bawal was so much more comfortable and easier to wear, gosh, why was I even thinking of purchasing more RM5 tudungs! My mind immediately went to the Naelofar Hijab website and wanted to order more bawals from Neelofa. Then I thought of my bank account, and then I think of my wardrobe, in which 1/4 of it is tudungs, and I say no no no no no nooooooooooooooo!!!!

I ALREADY HAVE PLANS to go to Pavillion KL some time this month/next month to look at dUCkscarves because I want one. Pleaseeee snap me out of this commercial hypnosis. Tell me I look good and I look FINE no matter what brand I’m wearing.

Tell me it’s not the crown that makes a Queen, it’s what’s in her heart.

Cry everyday, why am I so insecure about my tudungs cry cry cry cry. I’m not a strong person after all.

Or I could be nicer to myself and say: we all have flaws and shortcomings *bites nails* *padahal tadi baru potong kuku*

I didn’t edit this post because I’m a bit busy these days. Sorry for the inconsistencies.

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