My Aurat Kaki

A couple of times on my Facebook posts, out of humour, I had written about the things that happened to me when I don’t wear socks out. Once I kicked a small stone and didn’t even realise it until I went home and found my toe bleeding and I couldn’t sit for prayers comfortably for a week. Another time I came home with feet rash. I took it as a sign from the Divine, a gentle shake, a subtle reminder that my feet is part of aurat and I’m supposed to cover it. Aurat is modesty, parts of my body I’m supposed to cover. Well, that’s the basic meaning of aurat. It goes beyond than that but I’m not going to talk about it this time.

So I’ve made myself clear: I have to wear socks out or else something would happen to me or my feet. A few days ago I was like “Oh what the heck!” again, forgetting everything’s that happened to me, and I wore slippers out. Twice in a week. First it was just for dinner at a neighbourhood place for an hour. The second time was just for the 30 minutes drive before I changed into my socks and sandals. You know what dinner means, right? Evening. About 6ish PM. You know what driving means? It means nobody sees my feet.

I came home and noticed a horrifying difference in my feet. IT HAD SLIPPER TAN LINES. My fair feet, the ones I had been protecting from the Sun and dirt and watch of others, is now brown with slipper tan lines. Ah, it’s going to take a longer time now for it to return to fairness.

Have you watched my Morning Cleansing Routine video?

Okay that was an intersession (I wrote the above and went to take a nap). Now I don’t remember what I wanted to write that’s related to the video anymore.

I think it goes along the lines of, and I’m going to continue writing this in Malay because it’s directed to my Malay-Muslim speaking friends: biar kita dihukum sekarang ni di dunia, dari diam-diam rupanya bergunung kesilapan kita yang lagi dihitung. Jangan kita tengok orang lain berpakaian sebegitu, dan kehidupan dia nampak mewah, lalu kita jadikan dia sumber inspirasi. Jadilah diri sendiri sudah cukup. Siapa itu diri sendiri? Itu dia, kita harus dalami. Walaupun kita dibolehkan kejarkan kekayaan, kemewahan, hidup senang, tapi asasnya kita kena bina dari sekarang, masa kita belum siapa-siapa lagi. Sukses itu ujian, jatuh juga ujian. Sentiasa bermuhasabah diri, kita bukan siapa-siapa. Walau kita Queen of The World, ilmu kita tak akan pernah sedalam lautan, kebijaksanaan kita tak mungkin boleh bina universe lain, kecantikan kita tak akan boleh menandingi alam semulajadi. Kita tak besar. Tak payah nak jadi besar. Jadi sedang. Biasa-biasa sahaja. Peringatan untuk diri sendiri. For you and for me. We remind each other, okay.

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