Two Cents on Maryam Lee

On my Facebook I said I wasn’t going to give any Islamic liberal/feminism thingy any attention. I’m not smart, and as long as I try to be “smart” I will always try to argue between who’s right from wrong, what’s correct and inaccurate,…when all I am is nothing. I really am trying to spread more love than hate.

Being only human, tho, of course there’s something that ticks me about the hijab society.

On the internet it’s ‘hot’ news right now where girl called Maryam Lee decided to remove her hijab and used one ulama’s view on hijab as her reason. Her name sounds familiar from a post last year where she was criticised for eating in public during Ramadan or something like that (were there evidence about this incident? I didn’t care about it so I didn’t bother).

I follow a Sufi path that constantly reminds us not to criticise the teachings of others. Which means I believe:

1) If she chooses not to wear the hijab, then so be it.
2) If she chooses not to wear the hijab and extracts validations/evidence as to why she’s not required to wear, then fine, so be it. I think you guys should just leave her alone.

Maryam Lee needs love, understanding, and acceptance. Criticising her will not make her feel that at all. I’m okay with people educating/sharing what they know about the hijab with her. What I don’t like is those who start calling her names and such, especially with a hijabi profile picture.

(I never agreed that a hijabi woman should eat out in public during Ramadan anyway, because it’s disrespect to the month, but if she wants to eat it out of hunger, then let her. Can’t force someone to love or respect anything you do. To me Ramadan is a holy month we should respect as Muslims, so if you have to eat, eat in your car and stay hidden. If someone has gastric and sakit and stuff has to eat out then eat ok, lenient, don’t try to fight with me on this.)

Am I afraid that there will be a revolution where women start removing their hijabs because of what Maryam Lee believes/carries? To me if it means still carrying on with MODESTY, I’m fine. Meaning no sexy-sexy. No full-face makeup and pouty lips selfie berbagai walaupun bertudung. They’ve read and studied the Quran and Hadith, and sat with various scholars to validate their point? Yes? Okay then.

But if you suddenly dress sexy and claim that Islam never forced anybody to cover their hair, show your shoulders, cleavage, and claim to have read the Quran and stuff? NO. I will get slightly offended (but I will brush it off as soon as it happens). I will not believe that you’ve ever touched the Quran that way, to me it’ll be more of a ctrl-F on, or following the crowd, like Harun Yahya’s kittens:

When people don’t understand, they do many funny things. You need to get lost to get found, anyway. I believe those with sincere intentions will find their way.

If it encourages people to go out and read more about Islam, then okay good. I hope it will open more doors to reading more heavy issues such as usury, inheritance, …how to read the Quran properly. But oh, appearance is everything, so okay let’s talk about it then:

To me, many wear the hijab because it’s societal expectations and pressure. As a result they wear it without fully understanding why they need to wear it. What happens next is that it becomes commercialised (I buy lots of pretty hijabs too) but what I don’t like about it being a new “fashion” is that they’re now anything but modest.

One thing Maryam Lee kept mentioning was Surah An-Nur 31, where the Quran specifically said to use your head coverings and cover your bosoms. To me a head covering obviously means a head covering, and my understanding is that I can only show you my hands and face. To her it means something else, fine.

In Surah An-Nur 31, it specifically said COVER YOUR BOSOMS. That’s it, you know. Now we’re no longer at Maryam Lee. We’re now at the current hijabi fashion trendsetters. If they really had worn it to please Allah, out of respect for themselves, they wore it because they understand why, they wore it because they’ve read and researched themselves, then they’ll know that covering their bosoms is a requirement, what a hijab means, directly from the Quran.

I really, really, don’t like how girls these days wear their hijabs above their chests to still show their boob shapes. That way contradicts what the Quran says!!

So please, nak jual tudung, nak pakai tudung, because nak cantik, nampak sopan, anggun, blah blah, is fine. But please please please cover your dada.

And tak payah bermakeup sangat my sisters ya Allah.

1) Kalau cuci muka dengan sempurna 5×3 kali sehari,
2) Jaga relationship dengan Allah, meaning He is the center of your spirituality
3) because of #2, your emotions are stable, no boyfriend problem, you won’t think badly of others, etc
4) because of #2, you will respect your body and not eat anything sembarangan,
5) because of #2, you will bother to sleep early to wake up and perform your best

You won’t have trouble with your skin.

Macam mana aku ni dari cakap pasal Maryam Lee (let her be) to tudung (pls no atas dada) to makeup (tak payah sangat) to skincare ni (inside out kena jaga).

This is what a chattering is.


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