Quick Update: An Email From An Acquaintance

I am moved, because this morning I was wondering if after reading A Nobody’s Observations, would people still want to buy my other books? It’s just me wondering. Not bashing myself or anything like that. Then I received this email from a classmate in secondary school. We haven’t even been talking or anything. The last time I saw her was in 2009 at graduation I think.

I edited the personal parts, but you know, these words mean a lot to me. Especially when she wrote about what I wrote to her in 2009. A reassurance. That it’s true: I HAVE been doing this for a while now.

Writers are crazy people who sit down to write anything without knowing who’d read, you know? I don’t even know who’d get my messages. Sometimes I wonder if this craziness is worth it; my time is better spent doing other things. “But I like writing! But it can’t feed me! Do people listen to you?” etc. When I received this email from an old acquaintance, I realised that maybe some of my messages do stick around.

That’s why I still write.

Dear Fifi,
This is to acknowledge that I have received your book today and I have finished reading it. 🙂
The main reason why I decided to buy your book is because I was attracted to the title – Nobody’s Observations. I was really curious in finding out the story and I was interested because it was your story.
After reading your book, I felt enlighten and I realised that I have been doing some of those listed. The book is really meaningful, it really makes us reflect on ourselves. Deep down, I guess everyone knows the right way to think or do. But some got lost or got caught up being competitive with the world. I will read it again and again to serve as a gentle reminder to myself. 🙂
It’s been 8 years since we graduated from Secondary School, so the only updates we got were from Facebook or from friends of friends. I enjoy reading your posts that pops up in my feed now and then. You are still as cool as you were back then. *thumbs up*
I remembered telling you that I want to be like you. So you wrote to me: “The secret is just being yourself and dont try too hard to please.” (This was on the Vday card in 2009)
As I moved on to polytechnic, I gave myself another name. I wonder if you could remember, I had really bad skin in sec sch. During my orientation, I had horrifyingly red acnes all over my face. I thought I couldnt fit in in my class because everyone was so different. But fast forward, I had the most amazing and happiest 3 years in poly. I was being myself (even with that scary face) and I found really good friends who accepted me for who I am.
I feel really proud of you to be doing what you want to do. I really respect you, for being such a strong and independent lady! I am still searching for mine however, slowly but surely, I will find it!
Thank you Salamahafifi (I can still remember how to pronounce your name well), for sharing with us your story. It is really a well written book. I enjoyed reading it. Iam your fan now!! And I would really like to know more about your stories and the conversations with strangers. Cant wait for your next book!! 🙂

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I would appreciate reviews on my Goodreads page as well: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35107027-a-nobody-s-observation

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