I Already Know

Have you experienced trying to tell someone something and the response would be “I already know,” but the person appears to behave in ways that he or she doesn’t know what you’re talking about?

Wait, do you get what I mean? I hope you do.

You try to explain something and the person replies with “I know I know I know I know” but responds with the direct opposite. Let’s say you say “Buy tickets from the main website itself,” and the person responds with “I know,” but goes on to buy it from an agent?

You try to explain that you had an insight and the person yawns and says “I’ve known about this a long time ago.”

Or are you the one who says “I already know,” the moment someone tries to tell you something? I’m guilty of that one time too many. Which is also partly why I get bored easily. That because I’ve read so many books (hurhur) and listened to many people talk, I already ‘know’ what they’re going to say. Which is partly true, but it will not make me smarter.

Many years ago I sat in my first class at University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism in California and I felt uncomfortable. They were talking about pillars of Islam and what it meant. These things I already knew! What did I pay so much to come to attend a lesson on things I already knew?! I was hoping that I could skip this basics class and go to an advanced class.

Immediately after the class I approached the professor and cautiously told him, “But Dr Laird, I think I already know all these.”

He told me to look up the book The Deeper Meanings Behind The Pillars of Islam. I said okay, realising that I don’t know the “deeper” meaning behind them after all. After that somehow I became more open to learning and receiving whatever’s being taught.

What happened here was the moment I walked into the class thinking I already “knew”, I limited myself from learning. Saying these blocks whatever new information from coming in because I already “knew”. Or I would be listening, but I would have my stack of known information in hand thinking of how to question that person or base everything back to my outdated knowledge.

I think now that learning shouldn’t be that way. That we should approach everything with a totally open and clear mind, reminding ourselves that we don’t know. Even if we already do, surely there is something new to learn. We might miss the lessons if we occupy ourselves with “I already know” or try to see how it’s linked to what we already knew.

I do that too. If you were to approach me and tell me that “hypnosis” is how to get students to listen to you, I would probably roll my eyes till I can see my brain because to me that is a superficial way to get attention. It is the keyword “hypnosis” that triggered that reaction. However, come to think of it, I don’t know everything about hypnosis. I could take this as a learning platform. Perhaps I have heard about it, but it wouldn’t hurt to just listen with an open mind. If it still does not satisfy me, I would just go on with life and seek wisdom wherever it is (it’s inside of you, not in seminars). I won’t straight away cut a person off. It is rude as it is disrespectful. Reminder to self.

You don’t know anything. Neither do I.

With this, I am open to learning from everyone and everything.

When I allow continuous, endless learning, my life isn’t bleak and I look forward to every moment. You can too, it all starts with you NOW.

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