Be Invincible (you don’t have to)

I started a war. Sent out my battle cry. And I’ve been here before. Fighting me, myself and I. When I try to prove that I’m never gonna lose I pushed too hard, I pushed too far. Trying to be brave till it’s more than I can take so many times till I realised:

Take a breath, look at how you’re trying to think it to death. Even if you’re in the crossfire don’t forget that you don’t have to be invincible. Take a step, even if you’re falling it ain’t over yet. You don’t have to be invincible.

I counted to ten, stepped back so I can see. How bad it can get when I’m the enemy. I put my weapons down until I found a better way. I’ll never change if I’m too afraid to break, gotta let it go, let the whole world know (to).

You’ll never know. You’ll never know how strong you are. Till you’re strong enough to let your armour fall.

A few days ago was Crush‘s ninth anniversary. I remember in 2008 getting excited over it and then discussing the music video with other fans. Those were the days.

I remember first listening to Invincible on my computer but I was distracted with work and didn’t really truly listen to it. When my Twitter friend Donna came from America and gifted me the Orion CD, I immediately played it in my car and that was when I first heard Invincible’s beautiful lyrics.

Gardens By The Bay (Singapore) in June 2017 with Larissa, Donna, Eliel, and Patty

Gosh, I now drive and would go back to Invincible maybe three times on repeat before I go on to the other songs. Every single time I play it I think, “Such a great message.” I’m not exaggerating. I love it.

Donna, who had also bought my book, told me how my book’s messages were similar to David’s. Take note, when she said this I hadn’t *really” listened to his new songs. I’ve always loved David for David but it had been a while since any of his new music that I kinda forgot about the huge role model he was in my life.

“You don’t have to be Invincible,” sang David. In a way, it’s similar my book title, A Nobody’s Observations, where in a world full of people trying to make their own name and be “somebody”, I am trying to show people that a nobody has her own observations and viewpoints too, yet I’m not anybody trying to be “somebody”.

“How bad it can get when I’m the enemy.” – In my book I wrote that ultimately WE are our own enemies. Because we compare ourselves to others and these thoughts come in and we start believing these thoughts. Our thoughts are not necessarily true and we don’t have to take them seriously. Problem is we do, and we need to be aware of that.

It was Invincible that sort of awakened the sleepy fact that I admire David Archuleta so very much. Till this day he remains the person whose aura was so captivating, and in the belief of “everything’s already been written”, I somehow got to see him when he was here. His way of thinking through his songs paint the authentic humble person he is and that is so so so precious.

I guess this Crush ain’t ever going away.

And truly, you don’t have to join the rat race in the chase to be just like everyone else. Be comfortable with where you are and what you’re doing right now in the moment, and start there. Big companies don’t usually start with immediately purchasing a whole tower. It starts with an idea, a thought that one thought could be possible, and he/her worked around that way slowly. Identify where you are and take one step at the time.

Also, check on your intentions. If you want to be the world’s richest person but with no purpose to serve others, but to only milk money out of them, you’re wasting your own time. Because ultimately I believe on your death bed or moments before your soul exits this abode called the human body, you’re going to have your entire life in a flashback in a second. Do you want to watch yourself spoon feed your own ego? Or do you think you are going to “go” happier when you see that you had played a part in genuine smiles and grateful hearts? We all have the answers within us.

You don’t have to be Invincible.

But I do want this hijab but it’s so expensive and since I can’t afford it I guess I don’t need it. (oh well)


  1. Donna
    August 4, 2017

    Great post, Fifi. (Not because I’m in it, haha.) Glad the physical CD helped you enjoy the song better. I’m looking forward to giving David your book so he can also see how much you have in common. Unless you get to see him yourself while he is in Asia! That would be amazing.

    1. Salamahafifi Yusnaieny
      October 23, 2017

      oh wow!!! re-reading this. Thank you Donna!


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