Moses VS Pharoah

Came across a Facebook post I thought was interesting. Well, interesting enough for me to want to write this post. It goes like this:

A preacher asked his audience:

“If you were in Moses and Pharoah’s time, whose follower would you be?”

“Moses, no doubt!” his audience responded.

“Are you sure?”

They were very sure, they echoed.

“But the one that grew Egypt was Pharoah. The one who built pyramids, Pharoah. Richest man, Pharoah. The one with military, Pharoah. Moses was only a shepherd. His weapon might only be his walking stick. Are you still sure?”

Silence from the audience.

“Suddenly this shepherd guy invites us to cross the sea without using a boat! Would you want to listen to this guy?”

They understood.

Did you get the message?

We don’t have to look at Moses’s time to see that what happened then still is happening now. We look up to people with wealth, power, and status and we would be more inclined to listen to them. I believe Moses, like all other prophets, carried a simple message of truth in Oneness. Yet because we are only human, we tend to overthink, thinking, “It can’t be that simple! Look at this guy, he has nothing! I want something!”

Today, we cheer when a person calls herself a “Diva” or “Queen”, laughing at her childish rants, giving her support in the name of “views”. Guess what, Pharoah called himself “God”. Who knows, maybe it’s just a play on words. Whatever it means, we cheer for people who believe they are “higher” than other people and could get whatever they want because of who they are. Pharoah believed he was god, therefore, he believes he deserves all the wealth (or what idk I’m not exactly friends with him). When a celebrity calls herself a Diva she also puts herself in some entitlement bubble where she believes she must get whatever she wants. You think it’s cool? Maybe Pharoah’s followers thought he was cool too, and everybody wished they could be like him. Therefore when you want to be like someone, you start acting like him/her.

And what’s worse is that even when we don’t agree with the person, we watch (read: support) for our own “entertainment”. Where there is a demand, there is a supply.

I wanted to tell you to try to be nicer to each other, but that doesn’t make sense. If you’re trying, you don’t understand. If you are nice, you are nice. If you’re trying, you don’t understand. If you’re not nice, you are blind. I’d like to invite you to only listen. There is a lot the world is telling us. And when you listen you will empathise. It’s not something forced; it comes naturally.

Look at who you’re “worshipping”. Who you look up to and who you want to be like. Does it make sense? Why do you admire someone so much? If you were in Moses’s time, are you with Pharoah or Moses?

Even I can’t answer that.

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