I’m Offended & It’s Glorious

When my family goes out to eat together, we stack our phones in the middle of the table. Anybody who reaches out to it first has to pay for the meal.

Absolutely no phones allowed during meal times outside. It’s basic mannerisms to us. You use your phone, you’re saying you don’t want to be there, you don’t like the company, or you have other things better to do. Our family does not allow that. In the house when we eat our phones are upstairs, and we will be discussing stuff about life or work. We hardly discuss our feelings and other people….because we understand what feelings are and that other people feel things too.

I forgot the latter for a few hours. I took offense when a person right in front of me for dinner I was trying to¬†engage in a conversation with yet it’s as if we’re on a different table in a different location. The person was distant, unfriendly, and I didn’t really want to be in a place with somebody who preferred texting someone on the phone over actual human connections. I am here, but your eyeballs are on pixels. Offensive!