He Has No Eyes Though He Sees

“Hahahaha, Fifi said her God has no eyes. How does he see?” my classmate mocked me when we were thirteen. I didn’t know how to respond to him.

As Muslims we were taught that Allah has no eyes. Allah did not need to have ears, nose, or limbs to be Allah the Almighty. It made complete sense to us because Allah was not human, or a creature dependant on organs and senses to see or feel things.

To us he’s so Great that there’s nothing comparable to him, therefore we naturally don’t think of what Allah looks like. We understood it’s beyond our limited imagination.

Of course, you’d like to put the formless into form when you don’t understand. As a child I imagined Allah to be a cloud. When I was 17 someone told me she sees a¬†bright light when she imagines Allah.

Now when I think of Allah, I think of the timelessness of the universe. How do you even put form to that?

I was 18 when a colleague told me, “It’s like you pray to nothing.”

I told him, “You don’t see air but you breathe it anyway.”

Don’t remember his response.

This morning I read the story of Abraham (Nabi Ibrahim) questioning his father why they had to pray to stones and statues. They wanted to exile him for questioning and therefore insulting their ancestors.

I thought it’s interesting that even in this day and age, when someone questions why you do what you do you get mad or throw insults at the other person. If you are offended by questions or you result in saying vile words about the questioner, I think you don’t truly have faith in your choices.

So okay, I forgot where I’m going with this.

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