About Me

If I was an element, I would be water. Fluid and solvent. It’s how I view life: go with the flow, adapt to situations without ever changing your who you really are.

I would say that I have gained control over my emotions, but sometimes I too find myself being unexceptionally irritable. Then I would check my period calendar and true enough, it would tell me that my period is coming (PMS). I would go, “Oh, no wonder I’m out of character.” Not going to use it as an excuse though. Right now I’m on the quest to be more self-aware in spite of my hormonal changes. Please be kind to me, and to yourself too, should you see me or you acting like someone you’re not. Only humans after all. What’s important is you are able to shift back to your anchor where who you truly are remains.

If you don’t know where your fulcrum is, I suggest you to go look for it. He or she is not in your holiday plan or hike up the mountain or a shopping spree. He or she is already in you, a treasure longed to be known. Sit in silence to listen to yourself and your soul will sing you tunes familiar to you.

That’s who I am, and that’s how I would like to take your hand and join us in the journey of self-discovery.

This quote by the Dalai Lama is my favourite:

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Do you believe in this? I do. I absolutely do. Everyone is fighting a war in themselves that they bring it outside to destroy others. Or if they let the war in them rage on, they perish. Let’s learn how to douche this fire.

How do you put out a fire?