Dear Diary

I want to write, but I just can’t. I will try to wring my brain for words but nothing is coming out. No stories to tell. I’ve tried recalling stories from the past but ….nothing seems interesting for now. I look around and meet people but I can’t write anything about them. No poetic excitement. No poetic heartbreak. I’ve been busy. Busy is not good to me, but I hope this business will convert to productivity.

And diary, my life might change in the coming months. I’m excited, optimistic, looking forward to that new life, but as I said, it’s not poetic. And that life might consume my …creative writing life. But I hope not. I hope that the new experiences will turn on a switch somewhere in my brain or something. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore.

I hope I will continue to meet new people who will teach me something new. Recently I have, though, but I don’t feel anything enough to write about them. Maybe they’re boring to me. Maybe I need to meet someone who’s so different it sparks something in me. Or maybe I need to lower my standards and see the life in everyone. Or maybe it’s me who’s dead.

Oh well.


Being Needy

Dear Diary

Sometimes I feel needy. I want to be told I’m beautiful. That I’m perfect “just the way you are”. To have a song dedicated to me. To have poems written for. To be assured I am a good writer. To being comforted that people do like reading my things.

Then I realised..


Dear diary

I have been feeling a little been overwhelmed these days. I want to perform, I want to do well. I want to give my very best. And then I wonder if I could do it at all. This is where I’m wrong, that thinking too much about the unknown future causes anxiety and stress. Do my best and leave the rest to The Universe.

Bought The Diary of Anne Frank. I think the first time I read it was in secondary school. That’s why I feel inspired to write this in a “Dear diary” form. She’s so wise for her age. I haven’t finished the book, halfway through it. Who’s got the time. I’m going to keep this quick, because I need to continue with my paperwork.

Oh well. This is a part of life too anyway.