Surgery My Teeth, Nose, and Jaw

I was 11, at school recess assembly when I first discovered that my front tooth was forward than the other teeth. A lot of insecurity it caused me, conscious about laughing, about smiling. I already had a big birthmark on my face, I really didn’t need another flaw about myself! I told my friend about it and she said, in an insinuating tone, “It had been all these while.” When I told my parents they agreed too, that my one tooth had always been that way.

Me, aged 10

One of the thoughts that also occurred to me when my friend said that was “How come all these while I felt fine not knowing?” I was surprised myself that once I discovered about the state of my tooth that I became aware of it. That of course added to my insecurities. Soon it was forgotten. My confidence built up, I was doing okay in school, I had friends nonetheless, for the first time in my life a boy liked me “because she’s smart and pretty”, and I felt fine.

Hijab Brand Name Fever

BRAND NAMES, do I really need them?

I filmed this video over two weeks ago when the Naelofar new Yasmine Bawal came out and I immediately jumped to purchase two from her on the day of release itself. Hijab brand name fever, I think that’s what I have.

Most of the colours on the site were already sold out. They were released at 10 AM. I went to the site at 11.30 AM. Thinking they were never going to be restocked again (what an idiot), I bought whatever’s that’s left. That night Neelofa herself announced that they were going to restock the colours. I facepalmed and emuailed to ask if I could change my colour choices, to which they replied that they’ve already made the delivery. OH WELL.