Mindfulness is like Bicycle Balance

DO you know how to ride a bicycle?

I’m guessing that most of you do. Perhaps it is a skill you picked up at a young age.

Do you remember how you learnt how to ride a bicycle? Did you fall? I’m sure you did. Did you get back up and try to go back in balance after you fell? I’m sure you did. Or did you go back home to rest, and try again until you are able to ride a bicycle?

What was your bicycle learning experience like?

Even if you hadn’t touched the bicycle in a while, I know that you know that you will have no problem riding it because you already know your balance. While cycling, should something distract you that causes you to lose your balance, you will have no problem regaining it because you know your balance. Or when you know you’re about to lose your balance, you simply stop before you continue cycling.

What if I told you that your mind works the same way?

Be Invincible (you don’t have to)

I started a war. Sent out my battle cry. And I’ve been here before. Fighting me, myself and I. When I try to prove that I’m never gonna lose I pushed too hard, I pushed too far. Trying to be brave till it’s more than I can take so many times till I realised:

Take a breath, look at how you’re trying to think it to death. Even if you’re in the crossfire don’t forget that you don’t have to be invincible. Take a step, even if you’re falling it ain’t over yet. You don’t have to be invincible.

I counted to ten, stepped back so I can see. How bad it can get when I’m the enemy. I put my weapons down until I found a better way. I’ll never change if I’m too afraid to break, gotta let it go, let the whole world know (to).

You’ll never know. You’ll never know how strong you are. Till you’re strong enough to let your armour fall.

The Aha! Moment

When was the last time you experienced an “Aha!” moment?

This “Aha!” moment, sometimes also called “Eureka!”, The Greek word for “I have found it!” is defined by a moment of instant, or sudden discovery, one that you didn’t expect, but happened. It may be the answers to a problem you’ve had for a long time, or found new insight that you begin to see the world in another lens.

Let’s take a look at history and how significant “Aha” moments are in these examples:

What Better Story Than Love Story

Recently I posted on Facebook about some guy I met in KL. It has a sarcastic humour in it and I’m not sure who “got” it, but for sure I don’t post things that are meant to be romantic. Anyway since I am not popular in the first place, I only got about 45 likes which is nine times more than my average. That’s cool, it means that all these while my posts have access to these people in the first place (I unfollow people whose posts I don’t care about).

Then when I started posting my ideas/sharing my ideas, my posts go back to less than five likes. Now, I’m not posting for the likes. I am simply trying to monitor what kind of content people are interested in, what appeals to people.

So I concluded that: people like to read stories about other people, so I need to find a way to link my ideas to real life occurrences.

And what better story than my ‘love’ story? People are always interested in romance, especially about other people. I think I’m going to update my Facebook status about that guy and watch the responses. I’m going to end it.

Don’t Go Back To Sleep!

THE fuel gauge/fuel indicator of my 1999 Kembara is broken. It shows that my fuel level is at “E” even though I had just filled it with gas. My mechanic quoted me RM400 to fix it. Oh, dang, that’s a lot of money. I told him I’ll come back later. So what I had been doing is manually reset my counter after each gas fill, and do estimation as to how many kilometers I should drive before the next fill. Problem now is, I don’t remember how much I last filled my tank. Was it RM20, or RM40, or full? I don’t remember, but it doesn’t really matter. I’ll just fill it later and reset my counter again.

Now let’s look at the interior of a car. When the door is not shut properly or when your handbrake is still up, or when the hazard lights is turned on, the dashboard control instrument panel will light up accordingly to tell you what’s wrong. As long as the instrument is still fine, it will indicate when something is missing. But hey, my fuel gauge is broken but even then that tells me something is wrong. When my handbrake is up, all I do is put it down. When my fuel is low, all I need to do is fill it up. It doesn’t mean I need to immediately send it to the mechanic. All I need to do is follow and fulfill it accordingly.

Only Human Thoughts

HAVE you ever noticed how sometimes the sound of a baby crying could irk you, and sometimes you think, “Oh, poor baby.”

Or sometimes when you’re driving you could be annoyed by the sound of honking, and sometimes you just accept it as a background sound?

Sometimes your cat gets in the way, sometimes it’s the cutest little kitty on the planet.

I think this means that someone or something cannot directly cause you to be triggered unless you have been carrying that thought in your head.

If it really was the “noisy crying baby” or “bodoh punya pemandu lori” that caused you to be angry, then every single crying babies in the world and all lorry drivers should make you angry. But you and I know that’s not the case.

I Already Know

Have you experienced trying to tell someone something and the response would be “I already know,” but the person appears to behave in ways that he or she doesn’t know what you’re talking about?

Wait, do you get what I mean? I hope you do.

You try to explain something and the person replies with “I know I know I know I know” but responds with the direct opposite. Let’s say you say “Buy tickets from the main website itself,” and the person responds with “I know,” but goes on to buy it from an agent?

You try to explain that you had an insight and the person yawns and says “I’ve known about this a long time ago.”

Or are you the one who says “I already know,” the moment someone tries to tell you something? I’m guilty of that one time too many. Which is also partly why I get bored easily. That because I’ve read so many books (hurhur) and listened to many people talk, I already ‘know’ what they’re going to say. Which is partly true, but it will not make me smarter.

Many years ago I sat in my first class at University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism in California and I felt uncomfortable. They were talking about pillars of Islam and what it meant. These things I already knew! What did I pay so much to come to attend a lesson on things I already knew?! I was hoping that I could skip this basics class and go to an advanced class.

Immediately after the class I approached the professor and cautiously told him, “But Dr Laird, I think I already know all these.”