A Nobody’s Observations


An imam at the masjid kicked a kitten.
A woman in a huge hijab yelled at the cashier.
A rich lady listens to the Quran in her car, and then barks at her driver.

As a nobody I could only observe, and as a nobody I realised the key things that makes a person wholesome:
it’s not your prayer count.

I began writing this in January 2015, completed it in October 2016, published it in April 2017.

It was first written as a workbook for a self-love free course I wanted to conduct for students, but it developed into a book as I learnt more and more about myself. When it was a ‘workbook’ it was titled Everyday Leaders. When it became more of my journey and scribblings of the drop that remained on me while dancing in the rain, I titled it A Nobody’s Observations.

What is this book about? It’s about what makes a person wholesome. Have you ever met a human being and his presence makes you feel timeless and at peace? I have. And I have with a couple of animals. Why do you think they emit such energy? I’ve found that we get caught up in our wanting-to-be-somebody to ~make a difference~ and to ~make them proud~ that we forget about who we are. We forget why we do what we do sometimes. When we look around, we’d realise that everyone has the same goal: to be somebody. I mentioned that animals make me feel at peace and maybe it’s because they’re not trying to be someone they’re not. While it is perfectly fine to wish to be somebody (as I’ve always wished to be an author), I hope this book reminds you not to get detached from your anchor or topple off your balance. This book is a teeny bit about that.

My publisher has told me that for my ‘next’ book it has to be thicker, but we’ll see.

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